Edinburgh born Neil Hunter a true artist of our times.Lives for music, art and writing.  

A founding member of August Moon and Hooker, songwriter and guitarist for Gold,Prisoner, punk outfit The Bundys and New age Folk Metallers Otherworld to name a few, Neil and his music have played all over the World. Currently writing material for other artists he is about to record a solo CD entitled " Dead Jail RocknRoll ".

Drawing and painting all his life Neil especially loves portraiture work and recently has received many commissions to paint reproductions of Old Masters paintings.His artwork has been commissioned for private collections in the U.K., America, Italy and Australia.

Songwriting Undertaken.

All painting Commissioned.

Ad libbed Prince guitar solo from the Beatles song Whilst my guitar gently weeps

A short video taken at Lyme Park, Cheshire for a certain TV programme....SSshhhh

A short video taken at the St Valentines Grand Ball, Venice

Solo violin played by Pia...........Accompaniment Music recorded and arranged by Neil

"The art of creating whether it is music or art is not hard it is the shackles of everyday life that need to be broken"

Presenting Grandmaster  Ku Sa Nim with his portrait


       © 2015 Neil Hunter - KarmeleonProductions 



Is not Life but Death, driving you out of bed in the morning making you appreciate life and all it has to offer.Knowing at any moment it is creeping up on you ready to tap you on the shoulder.Therefore the urgency to create whilst being held down by society is immediate and although challenging has to be victorious.

Hanging with Mr Ravagnan at his gallery in Venice